Think You Have Low Testosterone?

by admin on July 30, 2010

Hey Guys, I wanted to write this post to help you determine if you have low testosterone and some help full ways to naturally increase it.

Low Testosterone is often referred to as hypogonadism and is very common in middle aged males and sometimes even affects younger males ages 18-35, Some easy ways to tell if you have low testosterone levels are constantly feeling Fatigue, Low sex drive, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, and sometimes mood swings.

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You are not alone, almost 500 million men across the globe suffer from the effects of Low testosterone levels. Do not be alarmed though this can be taken with a little dedication on your part. The easiest way to find out if you have low testosterone is to go see your primary doctor and get a simple blood test, but I can assure you if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above you have low testosterone levels.

Most Doctors will prescribe you with an assortment of steroid cremes but I must warn you this in some cases is dangerous and you are at risk of dealing with all the side effects of anabolic steroids. These dangerous Side effects may include extreme acne, violent mood swings, depression, and testicular shrinkage. Now although the cremes and gels will effect most people in different fashions I would recommend you keep this only as your last resort option.

Most people tend to want the quick fix and thats were the steroid cremes and gels come in, I highly encourage to first spend a months and try to increase your testosterone naturally. One thing to be mind full that their is a root reason your test levels are low, In most cases in males it is due to poor diet and not enough exercise.

First Diet plays a huge role in your testosterone production, lets be honest here america is growing obese at an alarming rate and this is due largely to the fast food, tobacco, and alcohol industry. If you just cut out those 3 things from your diet for as little as 3 month(90 days) you will see an increase in your test levels I guarantee it. Now be assured I am not telling to go out and be a giant health nut who eats only organic foods just be mind full of what you put nto your body.

If Your anything like me I always struggled with my diet, that is however untill I discovered a method called intermittent fasting. This form of diet Is spoken about by a gentlemen named Brad Pillon author of Eat Stop Eat. In the short 3 minute video below he talks about the importance of nutrition and hormone balance…

The next factor That you can do immedietly to Naturally increase your testosterone levels Is a proper workout plan. Your workout plan should involve the use of multi joint exercises such as squats, deadlifts, dips, benchpress, pullups, etc. I have found a program called 14 Day Hybrid Mass Building which uses an anabolic cycling method to add up to 5lbs of lean muscle in 14 days while raising your test level.

The 14 Day Hybrid Mass program targets in on increasing the 2 main vitality hormones Growth Hormones (HGH) and Testosterone, both of which I am sure by now you know the benefits of. They once again naturally increase your metabolism, increase your energy levels, increase your appetite but at the same time increase weight loss, any of this sound like you may need a boost in?

I found a short 3 minute video of Discussing testosterones role in building muscle, burning fast and just being healthy you can check it out below…

So I hope you have found this article helpfull in your quest to increase your testosterone naturally, the 2 factor of diet and exercise can do amazing things for your testosterone levels all without the use of dengerous steroid cremes and gels. So if these look interesting to you then definetly check out 14 Day Hybrid Mass building and Brads ==> Eat Stop Eat. I know they will help you guys out, good luck.


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