Increase Your Testosterone Naturally and Safely with Tongkat Ali

by admin on August 31, 2011

When you think of testosterone, the probable image that your brain flashes on is of all those macho heroes on celluloid – the gun toting, muscled, aggressive protagonist, usually with a high sex drive. Testosterone is the all important sex hormone which is required for boys turning into men. It is also present in women, but in a lesser degree.

Testosterone is responsible for the development of the penis and testes in men, for the changing of voice after puberty and the appearance of facial and body hair. Testosterone is also responsible for sperm production and the increased sex drive in youngsters. But apart from the reproductive aspects, testosterone is a valuable component in muscle building and induces a feeling of well being.

What additional things can testosterone do?

Whether you are lacking in testosterone or simply want to have more to feel better, testosterone has some amazing benefits. Among the positive effects of extra testosterone are

  • Increased muscle mass – when you combine it with the right exercise and diet
  • Decreased body fat – no carrying around extra fat, but having ripped muscles and washboard abs
  • More energy and endurance- translating in more physical activity
  • Higher sex drive – and improved performance in bed
  • Reduced chances of getting osteoporosis, diabetes and depression
  • A greater feeling of well being

If these are areas where you feel you can use some improvement, then there are natural sources of getting testosterone.

Tongkat Ali – all natural testosterone supplement

Synthetic testosterone has many side effects, many of which are undesirable or unpleasant. These supplements should only be taken under doctor’s orders and with the right dosage and the type prescribed, as testosterone is available as injectables, patches or even local gels. When you stop taking synthetic testosterone, you can experience many unwanted side effects and health problems. However, there are natural sources of testosterone, chief among them being Tongkat Ali.

This all natural testosterone supplement grows in the wild in Indonesia and in protected environs in Malaysia. This ancient plant remedy has been known since times immemorial for its extraordinary properties and was used by local tribes in olden times. The Latin name for the plant is Eurycoma Longifolia Jack and the supplements are available in various strengths.

How Tongkat Ali works

Tongkat Ali received world wide press when the New Sunday Times dubbed it the Asian Viagra in 1999. Unlike Viagra, which cannot be taken by heart patients and people with various disorders, Tongkat Ali is a natural substance and so is safer to use. It works by increasing testosterone levels in the human body, and this has been borne out by scientific and research studies.

The increased testosterone levels not only help with libido and erectile dysfunction, but also have a positive effect on muscle building, body mass, mood and giving a pumped up look to muscles. The supplement does this by raising total and free testosterone levels in the body.

Who can use Tongkat Ali

Both men and women can use Tongkat Ali. While men benefit in more ways than one while using this supplement, women too can benefit. Women produce small amounts of testosterone naturally, but during menopause and even a little before, testosterone production is reduced. This often reduces libido in women. The hormonal disturbances also leave women more prone to osteoporosis and other hormonal related ailments. Taking Tongkat Ali is small doses has multiple benefits.

When women take synthetic testosterone, it can have the effect of increasing appetite. This leads to weight gain and results in a catch 22 situation because women are invariably fighting weight gain. However, Tongkat Ali improves testosterone levels, and it does not result in weight gain either. In fact, it promotes weight loss. Tongkat Ali also improves bone mineral density thus protecting menopausal women from osteoporosis, when it occurs due to hormonal disturbances. It increases energy levels too and promotes a feeling of well being.

Men who are into body building or suffer from erectile problems, or loss of libido are also helped by Tongkat Ali. As men grow older, the levels of testosterone in the body naturally reduce. Older men with lower levels of testosterone find a great deal of improvement after taking Tongkat Ali. A supplement like Tongkat Ali helps a great deal in retaining the feeling of youth in men.

Types of Tongkat Ali

There are many types and strengths of Tongkat Ali available and you may well be confused as to which one to take. There are many fake Tongkat Ali products, too, and this can result in the supplement not producing any results. Tongkat Ali is available as a powder, teas, liquid extract and also in capsule form. The common extracts available are in strengths of 1:50. 1:100 and 1:200.

The best Tongkat Ali comes from the root of the plants which are 10 years old or more. Young, immature plants will not yield the powerful ingredient which is present in the older roots. The active ingredient in Tongkat Ali is present in the root and is extremely bitter.

The higher the power of the extract, the less you have to take. Men should take 300 to 600 mg. of Tongkat Ali a day. Men can easily take 1200 mg. in a day. Women should not take more than 300 mg. But it is best to start with a smaller dose, see how you feel and then increase the dose if you need to. Usually the effects of Tongkat Ali start after taking it for a week or two, so it is a slow and steady process.

Cycling Tongkat Ali

When you experience the positive benefits of Tongkat Ali, you may not wish to go off it at all. However, it is important to cycle Tongkat Ali otherwise it loses its efficacy. There are many ways to cycle the supplement. You can take it for 10 days and then go off it for 5 and repeat the cycle. Or you can take it for 7 days and then be off it for four days. Or you can take it for 5 days and then take a break for two days before restarting. As a rule of the thumb, you take it for a certain period of time and then be off it for half or 40 percent the number of days.

This is a personal preference, but remember that if you don’t cycle it then the supplement will not work any more and you will have to consume larger doses. If you are into body building, and are aware of supplements, you will be well aware of the fact that cycling is very important.

Tongkat Ali is not cheap. If you are not sure about which kind to take – there are many supplements available in the market – you should ideally buy from a source which offers a money back guarantee such as SD-200 Pure Tongkat Ali Extract. This is the brand I personally used and it fulfills all the criteria I mention above.

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